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Error in using megacore functions on Simulink

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I have licenced versions of DSP Buider 13.1, Quartus 13.1 Subscription Edition and Matlab R2014a. While trying to double-click on "fir_compiler_v13.1" blockset, I am getting such an error: 



Error evaluating 'OpenFcn' callback of MegaCore AlteraBlockset block (mask) 'untitled/fir_compiler_v13.1'. 


Unable to configure the MegaCore Simulink block fir_compiler_v13.1 Unable to locate 

D:\altera\13.1\quartus\bin\ip_toolbench.exe re-install the MegaCore fft 



I will appreciate very much if you help me to overcome this issue. 

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I have the ip_toolbench.exe file in my Quartus 13.1 web installation. Since I don't have the subscription edition, or DSP builder, it must come with a standard Quartus installation.  


There have been reports of it being mistaken for a virus and removed. Check the quarantine directory of your virus checker. If you find it you can put it back. Add an exception so it isn't removed again. If you can't find it, you will need to re-install Quartus to get it back. Make sure to disable your virus software when re-installing and add an exception so it doesn't get removed again.
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Hi Galfonz, 


Thanks for your comment. But, I have also ip_toolbench.exe file which is located in "D:\altera\13.1\quartus\bin\ip_toolbench.exe" for my Quartus 13.1 Subscription Edition. I have virus software but it was disabled since a year (too much before installing Quartus II, dsp builder and matlab):) 


Therefore, there should be something else as reason of the issue.
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In that case, it could be a path issue. See if it works if you install Quartus in the default C:\altera directory. There might be that simulink isn't aware of where your Quartus installation is located. Check that your PATH and other environment variables are correct (see the Quartus install guide for details).