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FIR II Compiler

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I have been lately trying to get the FIR II compiler to work. (the megafunction) However I am not able to get any kind of response from the filter implementation.  

Using the Megawizard plugin I generated a single channel FIR filter, fractional rate = 5/2, 100 MSPs, clock = 400MHz.  


I then map the component ports in the main my main vhdl file as follows: 


rrcfilter_inst : component RRCfilter 

port map( 

clk => clk,  

reset_n => '1',  

coeff_in_clk => '0',  

coeff_in_areset => '0',  

ast_sink_data => sink_data,  

ast_sink_ready => sink_ready,  

ast_sink_valid => '1',  

ast_sink_error => "00",  

ast_source_data => source_data,  

ast_source_ready => '1', 

ast_source_valid => source_valid, 

ast_source_error => source_error 



However I am not able to get any valid output when I simulate in modelsim. The clk runs at 400Mhz. The input samples sink_data come at 100 Mhz. Please someone help me out. 


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