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How to solve (38): in protected region?




When I instantiation Altera IP alt_dual_boot.v, Questa simulation tool gives an error message as following as:

# ** Error: C:/design/git_code/mbi-main-ctrl-fpga/fpga/ip/altera_ip/dual_config_ip_core/dual_config_ip_core/simulation/submodules/mentor/alt_dual_boot.v(38): in protected region.

How to solve this issue?


From my further experiments, there is no issue when I directly use your Quartus with ModelSIm; however, when I use your IP core (no matter simulation module or synthesis modules) will cause BIG problem about error messages for "protect region issue" or hex value '0x8b'. I suspect you guys did not use these simulation or synthesis files instead of directly instantiated from your 18.1 library files.


Since I have to use Questa tool because your tool did not support SV behavior syntax; such as, dynamic queue etc.


Can you please assign particular engineer for this issue so we can speed up.





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Do you have a test case that you can share? So to reproduce the error.

Hello, The issue gets solved. Basically what I did is using Arrie 10 device to generate script file from pull down menu "tool -> generate simulation script file for IP" to understand meaning of Questa requirements; then, generate Max 10 device the TCL script file. Since sometimes new Questa user is not familiar with Questa tcl file requirements, it is a good approach to support tcl script file in any device in your late release. Please close this case since I have a work around to bypass this issue. Thanks, -Fred