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I'm using two intel's IPs ( SDI_II and sdi_v17) in different boards. I want to instantiate an HD-SDI communication. Is it possibile between two boards with different ips? Thank you for support.

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I'm using a CYCLONE V with the IP SDI_II as receiver and a CYCLONE IV GX with the IP sdi_v17 as transmitter. The interface hardware is the same for every board  (component LMH0387).

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As I understand it,you have some inquiries related to interfacing SDI II and SDI v17 with HD-SDI. For your information, as I refer to the user guides for both IPs, they supports HD-SDI standard. Therefore, there should be no issue to interface between the two IPs between different boards as long as the IPs are configured to HD-SDI and the electrical specs are met between the two boards interfaces.


Please let me know if there is any concern. Thank you.