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PCIe hard IP and PeG (PCIe graphical slot)



Does anyone know why the PeG slot on the motherboard cannot detect the FPGA with PCIe hard IP? I see this problem on all my PeG slots and it is also confirmed by one of Intel's partner but there is no explanation why PeG slot cannot detect FPGA with PCIe hard IP.

One option is to disable the PEG port (change it to non PEG port) in the BIOS to make it work. However, some motherboards don't allow this option (cannot change to non-PEG port).

Is there anything else I can do to make the FPGA with PCIe IP works in PEG port?


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Hie, The PCIe hard IP was never intended to be used with PeG slots.Besides disabling, you could try changing the PEG port to normal or slow mode. If SSC disable option is available, you could try disabling SSC support. The fast overclocking could require higher SSC tolerance which might be higher than PCIe PPM spec requirement of 5000ppm. Regards, Nathan