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altremote IP usage on cyclone IV E

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I want to use the altremote IP (Altera remote update) on a cyclone IV E system. An FPGA attached SPI flash contains a factory and an application 

image (addresses 0 and 0x80000). 


The factory image boots fine. The design uses a qsys component that has several IPs on the avalon bus. One of these is the altremote IP. 

I can read/write all IPs just fine except the altremote core. I would expect that I can readback the bootaddress from address offset 0x10 

after writing 0x80000 to this reg. But I only get back 0 on every register. 


The altremote IP is configure with "Add support for writing configuration parameters" and "Add support for Avalon Interface". 


What is the problem? Why is read/write to the bootaddress reg not possible? 


The IP userguide mentions fmax=20Mhz for Cyclone IV. What's this fmax? Avalon clock in my case? 


All IP register addresses are 32bit aligned, except the RECONFIG register (0x1d). Is this by intention? So I nee to do a byte access 

to this unaligned address? 


Quartus version is 16.1. 



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