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Board Update Portal (BUP) - set hard-coded ip address


We have bought a Cyclone V GT FPGA Dev kit (https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/programmable/products/boards_and_kits/dev-kits/altera/kit-cyclone-v-gt.html) for the purpose of testing the CvP feature.  We would like to load a CvP compatible design onto this dev kit and it looks like the Board Update Portal is the right method.


We do not have a DHCP in our lab, only hard coded IP addresses are allowed.  Is there a way to set a hard coded IP address on this dev kit for use with the Board Update Portal? 

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I've had similar problems with other kits where I didn't have a wired connection for them.  I resorted to running a local DHCP server on my computer and setting it to give an IP address to the board.  Probably not the solution you want, but it works.

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