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DE0-nano-SoC - Is it possible to reconfigure it at run-time?

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Hi all, 


as the title says, I would like to know that before buying. 


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So I've found this in the manual: 



--- Quote Start ---  

If developers wish to configure FPGA from an application software running on Linux, the MSEL[4:0]needs to be setto “01010”before the programming process begins. If developers using the "Linux Console with frame buffer" or "Linux LXDE Desktop" SD Card image, the MSEL[4:0]needs to be set to “00000” before the board is powered on. 

--- Quote End ---  



So basically the first option is what I want and the second one is the standard download the bitstream from PC? 

Is therefore missing the possibility to configure the FPGA from Quartus?