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Problem with MAX 10 Configuration type

I use Quartus Lite Prime Edition - 18.1.


I want to use Parallel Flash Loader to configure and program an external QSPI memory device for MAX 10 FPGA.

But on the menu: Assignments -> Device -> Device and Pin Options, on Configuration scheme - I only get: Internal Configuration option which is suitable only for internal MAX 10 FLASH memory.

If I change the device type to Cyclone, I do get Active Serial configuration scheme, which is suitable for external QSPI memory device.

But I want to use MAX 10 and I want to use external FLASH memory and not internal FLASH memory.


Please advice.

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Hi Zvi,


Before this, please allow me to understand your scenario more clearly. So, in your design, you have a MAX 10 and you would like to program the MAX 10 with external QSPI using PFL IP? Is it so?


If it so, then i would not suggest to do so. MAX10 is a non volatile device and thus, only internal configuration is available as MAX10 can configure itself.




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