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Program the EEPROM via JTAG from Quartus Programmer on DE1-SoC


I have a DE1-SoC development board with a Cyclone V 5CSEMA5F31C6N FPGA and I'm using Quartus 18.1. I need the FPGA to be programmed in a non-volatile way: I followed the instructions in the manual to convert my .sof file (generated compiling a simple .bdf) into a .jic file, choosing Active Serial mode and EPCS128 both in Device and Pin Options and in the Convert Programming Files screen. However, when I start to program in Quartus Programmer (via USB Blaster), the process fails.

Is there any particular option that I'm missing to set?

Thanks in advance!

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Apart from being careful to select the correct configuration device, FPGA and .sof file, there isn't anything you can miss when generating the .jic file. Check all these things first.


You could also restore your board to factory defaults (follow the guide as to how to do this) to confirm your development board's integrity.