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GMA 3600 BSOD on boot, Windows 7 32-bit


Driver version: from Intel website.


Experiencing a strange problem. I am aware that there is no official support for Windows 8 nor Windows 10 for 3600. But I am currently trying to install the driver on a new Windows 7 32-bit installation. And I get the BSOD as if it's on Windows 8/10.


As a result, the computer is stuck with a generic display driver which only provides a 800x600 screen resolution.


I will add here the exact error code later, but it seems to be Video TDR Failure when I last looked it up.

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Support for Windows 7 is long past EOL. Intel does not support EOL versions of Windows. AFAIK, the graphics driver is frozen and Intel is not actively supporting it.

Ok, that said, the question I have is: What state is your Windows 7 installation in?

If this is an existing build that is suddenly having this issue, then I would suggest that you look into whether you have a hardware issue. A common problem with older systems is a memory failure.

If this is a new build, have you downloaded and installed all updates yet? I recommend that you do so before proceeding with any Intel driver updates other than what is necessary to do the updating. Secondly, the first Intel package that should be installed should be the Chipset Device Software (a.k.a. INF Update) package.


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Hi. Thank you for bringing up the chipset drivers. I have since installed all necessary chipset software. All Windows updates have also been installed. 


However, installing the GMA 3600 driver still prevents the computer from booting into Windows. I get a blank black screen that persists until I shut down the computer. Also, the computer is a netbook: Toshiba NB520 to be exact.


To boot into Windows again, I have to uninstall the driver in Safe Mode.

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