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I have an unacceptable input lag while gaming on intel UHD 630


I know that this IGP is so weak in comparison with NVIDIA and AMD dGPUs but I am playing on it to save power and only for old games form 2010, for example I play PAYDAY: The Heist on IGP at low resolution and low settings and I got about 80-130 FPS in it, but with very bad input lag so I tried to disable mouse accuracy enhancements and all other similar options

V-sync also was disabled in both game and intel control panel.


something I noticed is that the IGP is trying to maintain frames around specific values like 120, 100, 80 so the frames drops depending on the details that I am looking at, but with a heavy drop from 100 to 80 at once for example introducing a heavy input lag, so I think there is something bad in the driver comparability with the game.


I know that intel is working hard to make a better drivers for less tearing and without lags by smoothing games with adaptive displaying using such a technology, but we gamers do care about gameplay even more than playing with less tearing so please we want a better drivers in the future focusing on lower input lags not only revealing frames in adaptive way, I would prefer the low input lag above everything

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Hello IGhun1, I have sent you an e-mail. Regards, David V Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation