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My Intel HD Graphics Panel was replace by Open in Visual Studio


Please see attached screenshot,


Already tried uninstalling/installing graphics driver and the Intel HD Graphics control Panel. And already tried manual uninstalling/installing the graphic drivers. But still the shortcut in my right click for "Intel HD Graphics" is till "Open in Visual Studio".


Is there a way to forcefully change the shortcut in my right click and restore the intel hd graphics.


Note: I don't want to uninstall my Visual Studio because I need it for my work and it takes some time to uninstall and then reinstalling it.


Hope you can help me with this. Thanks!




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I doubt it was "replaced", per se.


Look in the Apps and Features Settings page for the Intel HD Graphics entry. If the build number (the 4-digit number at the end of the version string) is 6444 or higher, then you have a DCH version of the Intel HD Graphics driver package (DCH is a new driver model that Microsoft introduced in the Windows 10 1809 Update) and these packages does not include a Control Panel applet (the removal of the old, non-DCH version of the driver would have removed the shortcut from the right-click menu). Instead, you need to separately download the Applet from the Microsoft App Store. Now, don't blame Intel for this; Microsoft changed the way things work to (IMHO) force folks to use the Microsoft App Store more.


The right-click menu is certainly editable. Consult the Windows documentation for how to do so.


Hope this helps,