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Hey guys,


my knowledge in technology is very little so i try to find help here.

I recently bought an Acer swift 3 which came with an intel core i5-1135G7 and an Intel Iris Xe Graphics G7 80EUS (i hope that´s the relevant information for my question).

Anyways, I tried to work with an App (Anki) but the screen started glitching and I got an error message, that basically stated that i need an OpenGL driver to make it work.

I installed a graphic driver from intel which i thought matched my model but realised it is OpenCl but not OpenGl. Anki itself does not (at least not to my knowledge) come with OpenGL.

Now I am a little bit lost on what to do. Is there any way I can get an OpenGl driver?

And if so how?

I am grateful for every tip or share of experience!!!


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Both OpenGL and OpenCL are part of a regular driver package.


Check the status of both APIs with GPU Caps Viewer

Results should be OpenGL 4.6 and OpenCL 3.0

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