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What code can be used to directly access the Intel Graphics engine to mirror the display output so that it can seen correctly in a mirror.


We are using a Intel Celeron N3160 in a Windows 10 environment and running 2 displays extended, the second one being a HDMI output. We wan t to mirror the second HDMI display so that we can use the display through a mirror to see correctly. It is the same as using a rear projector screen need.

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RMoen, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.


In reference to your question, the Intel® Graphics engine does not include a code to mirror the display output so it can be seen correctly in a mirror. Since that kind of feature is actually related to software, you can always submit your inquiry in our Intel® Developer Zone web site for peer to peer assistance, they might be able to provide suggestions for this topic in there:


Also, depending on the Display/TV/Projector being used, it might include a software or application for you to be able to use the configuration that you are looking for, to contact the manufacturer of it will be also an option for this scenario.


Additionally, you can always get in contact with Microsoft directly for them to share further recommendations and options for this matter:



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