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Does Openvino support Intel UHD Graphics 630.

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I have been using openvino successfully on my machines for person tracking (

Detector and VectorCNN for reidentification). I used to use the CPU only argument however as I have attached a number of cameras I see the frame rates drop and the accuracy drop.
I have turned on GPU instead and see that the CPU is being used but now I see usage in the GPU. 

Question: Does Openvino support the Intel UHD Graphics 630 (which seems to be the standard "low end" GPU)? 
That being said now when I see the pictures live, I see the "boxes" around the people when there are no people in the view. That is, I see people without boxes and then I see boxes floating around with no people (to mark the people - as if the system now sees ghosts).

Anyone encounter this before?


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Hi Duggy,


Thanks for reaching out.


OpenVINO does support the Intel UHD Graphics 630. The performance drop on the CPU is expected as the CPU is acting as a general-purpose computing device that handles multiple tasks at once. Meanwhile, a machine learning model's performance can be affected by any reason such as algorithms, input training data, etc.


My suggestion, try to use the FP16 precision model on GPU and see if you might be able to get higher FPS and lower latency results. Intel-integrated GPUs have native support for FP16 computation and therefore support FP16 Deep-Learning models quite well.


Besides, refer to Benchmark App for code examples of performance measurement.



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Hi Duggy,

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