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Why am I not receiving an email with a licence file for my Quartus II v13sp1 Web Edition Software?


I have an Altera DE2 FPGA development board that contains a Cyclone II FPGA. The latest FREE Quartus II software that supports the Cyclone II chips is Quartus II v13sp1 Web Edition (or so the website says). Despite the feedback from support that the free Quartus does not require a licence file, which I believe is referring to the LITE versions. There is no LITE version for v13sp1. I can testify that I have used this software for the last 5 years and it has always required a licence...and still does! However, in the past I have used the NIC physical address input and email license generator with much success for installing Quartus on several machines in our lab. I am concerned that the NIC physical address email generator is no longer being supported.

Can anyone from Intel please provide a non-broken link to either generate a new license file for my Quartus version (13sp1), or provide me a download link of FREE Quartus that will still support my ancient Cyclone II DE2 dev board?


Thank you

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The web edition (now called Lite edition starting with Quartus Prime) never needed a license. In old versions you had to enable Talkback. What is telling you in the software that you need a license? Do you have an actual license file? In new versions (Quartus Prime Lite edition) you don't need to do anything, unless you're using an IP in a design that requires a license.



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