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Altera Monitor Program not showing "start symbol" Program Options for custom NiosII

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Hey Everyone,  


I'm new to this forum and not quite sure how to start, but recently I've been working on trying to implement an embedded processor, Nios II for my class project. When I use the Altera Monitor Program to create a new project under "Custom System", and after I specified a program type to add my own Assembly source into the project, the Program Options for the start symbol disappears and I can't go move on to the next step, because of the error stating "Invalid start symbol. Must began with an underscore or a letter and can only contain underscores and alphanumeric characters...". If I use anyone of the preconfigured systems, it works and shows the Program Options for the start symbol. I have some images below in regards to what I'm trying to explain.  


I'm currently running my system with the specs below: 


Windows 7 x64 

Quartus II 14.0 (with updates installed) 

Altera Monitor Program 14.0 

DE2-115 FPGA board 



Anyone come across this issue before? 


This shows if used DE2-Media Computer  


This occurs when using <Custom System> and loading my .sopc and .sof files from Quartus II.
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