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Fail to install oneAPI 2021 on Windows Server 2022

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I tried installing oneAPI 2021 Fortran compilers on Windows Server 2022 using the following batch script.


:: URL for the offline installer of Intel OneAPI Fortran compiler. See
set URL=
:: Other versions. They all fail with the same problem. 
::set URL=
::set URL=
::set URL=

:: Component to install.

:: Download the installer. curl is included by default in Windows since Windows 10, version 1803.
::cd %Temp%  :: CD does not work if %Temp% is on a different drive.
curl.exe --output webimage.exe --url %URL% --retry 5 --retry-delay 5
start /b /wait webimage.exe -s -x -f webimage_extracted --log extract.log

:: Install the compiler.
webimage_extracted\bootstrapper.exe -s --action install --components=%COMPONENTS% --eula=accept -p=NEED_VS2017_INTEGRATION=0 -p=NEED_VS2019_INTEGRATION=0 -p=NEED_VS2022_INTEGRATION=0 --log-dir=.
set installer_exit_code=%ERRORLEVEL%

:: Run the script that sets the environment variables.
call "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\oneAPI\setvars.bat"

:: Show the result of the installation.
echo The path to ifort is:
where ifort.exe
echo The path to ifx is:
where ifx.exe

:: Remove the installer.
del webimage.exe
rd /s/q "webimage_extracted"

:: Exit with the installer exit code.
exit /b %installer_exit_code%


The installation always fails, saying

Checking system requirements...
Wait while the installer is preparing...
Launching the installer...
Process crashed
D:\a\setup_mex\setup_mex>set installer_exit_code=-1073741819 

A screenshot is as follows


In contrast, the same script works well on Windows Server 2019. Is this a known issue or did I overlook something?

Thank you very much. 

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New Contributor I

Could some moderator remove this post? It is repeated. I post it two times because the first one was initially rejected. Thanks.  See the other one .