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GFX 4678 driver cause black screen flicker offen in 4k 60hz mode

Dear all

I have a 4k monitor runs at 4k 60hz, and occasionally I got HDMI output lost in standby mode. I have updated the GFX driver to latest .4678, and HDMI firmware to 1.66. but no HDMI lost are solved and I have got many black screen flickers when playback 4k videos and photos. Sometime even in web browsers.

Do some other one have similar problems? I am doubt it may be a driver bug.

Thanks and regards

William Wang

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Community Manager

Hello WW6302,

Thank you for contacting Intel Communities.

I am sorry for the inconvenience. I would recommend to keep working on the original thread /message/479752# 479752 where you reported the issue after updating the graphics driver.

Best Regards,


Juan V.
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Hello All,

I work for Intel Customer Support and I want to let you know that we are aware of screen flashing and/or flickering issue when using 4K resolutions on NUC7ixBN systems.

This issue has been reported and engineering is working on finding a solution for it.

I am trying to locate all community threads related to this issue to refer them back to the following one and consolidate: /message/490689# 490689 NUC7ixBN Screen Flashing/Flickering when using 4K resolutions <</span>/thread/116824> We will keep this community thread updated with any progress we make.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused or is still causing and I appreciate your help and patience.


Ronny G

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