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VisualBios network update does not work


Hi guys, I have the brand new NUC5CPYH with VisualBios v.2.2.16 and I made a boring video of an Archlinux install Two annoying things so far was that BIOS network update doesn't seem to work and Fastboot was a nasty surprise in the sense it wasn't fast and it disables the keyboard. I made a seperate video how to turn off fastboot: Cheers,

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Yep, did not work for me either. Has not ever worked on a Haswell NUC that I have either. Even if the NUC is connected to the network and it could get an IP with DHCP and then access the network without any proxies or such. I've always kind of ignored this and instead copied the BIO file to a USB stick and used that for the update, which works ok.

But I agree, it's annoying.

Fastboot does not disable my keyboard though, but then again I've got an OS that has USB 3.0 support. Could it be that if you're running an OS that requires Legacy USB option to be enabled, then that does not work with fast boot? I can imagine that grub or any other boot loader for example will not support a keyboard in USB 3.0 port...

Intel document about Fast Boot: Intel® NUC Boards and Kits — Using Fast Boot in Intel® Visual BIOS 2.x


I dont this this visualbios network update ever worked on DE3815TYKE ? did it ?

Yea same here after I upgraded BIOS : no ip no keyboard ... /thread/77664?start=0&tstart=0