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Intel optane memory stuck on finalizing operation

I deactivated optane to put it on another disk but it is stuck on step 3 or 3 finalizing operation I restarted the computer and it did not help I updated the application and now my disk (D:) disappeared with all my work in it
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Hello, spitfire.

Thank you for posting on the Intel Community Support forums.

I received your thread regarding the drive no longer being recognized after the previous operation (disabling Optane acceleration) failed.

It is possible that the drive still contains metadata that needs to be cleared in order for the unit to be recognized again, or that it needs to be initialized and formatted again. This is why it is always recommended to keep a backup of the information in case something happens, not only with Optane Memory, but with any type of hardware or software in general.

Check if the drive is visible in the Intel Optane Memory and Storage Management, and look for the "clear metadata" option, and check Disk Management to confirm if the drive is visible there, possibly unallocated or not initialized.

You can also contact us back via phone or chat for us to perform a remote session and check if anything can be done, just remember to use the same contact information (e-mail) so we can take a look at the case details already provided:

I will follow up on June 17th in case additional time is required.


Bruce C.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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If Step 3 of 3 didn't complete - and this can take a long time (though I don't understand why) - then portions of the file system may not have been written back to the HDD. As a result, it could be a corrupted mess and some/all file be inaccessible when accessed without the Optane module present.

After completing the operation, you would normally power off and remove the Optane card. Booting afterwards should then make the HDD appear - if it isn't corrupted significantly.

Hope this helps,


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