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Exporting and importing design partition

Hello, Please tell me what am i doing wrong?

I have project. I would like to mek an IP of it or something that my students can not see the contents (VHDL code). VHDL code I do not want to provide. Hence I do.

1- I create a project with a certain device (cyclone 5).

2- I add all my VHDL codes and set the top level.

3- Start compilation (without this the next step will not work)

4- Analysis and elebrotaion

5- Export design partition

The I create another peoject

6- I make a schematic. Here I instantiate the symbol file of the previous project and add some other to my project.

7- Then I import design partition that I have created.

8- I try to create the programming file.

This is not working. I tried almost everything but no result.

Error (171173): Node SWITCH[6] from partition Audio_Codec24:inst cannot preserve previous placement at PIN AJ11 and honor the location assignment to PIN AE11


I tried almost every option when exporting the design partition. For example empty, post-synthesis post-fit etc.


Question: Is there someone who can tell me what am i doing wrong. Can you give also a step by step plan.


How can I instantiate .qxp file in a schematic if using the .bsf is not correct.

Should i make for all of the vhdl file a n export and create .qxp for each.


Any help will be very appriciated. I am using the device 5CSEMA5F31C6 (DE1-SOC board)




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You may remove the conflicting location assignments or recompile the specified partitions by setting the Netlist Type of Post-Synthesis for the specified partitions.


Dear Kyeoh, Thanks for answering. I tried all possibilities including Post-Synthesis. I stil get the same problem. I almost give it up. Is there any other way to do it without providing the sources?. Thanks again.


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As mentioned, you've got a pin assignment in the partition you're exporting and that assignment can't be preserved when it's imported. Remove the assignment.


Thanks for answering. I understand that it has something to do with double pin assignment. But the case is there is no pin assignment in the first (exported) project. At least I did not assign any pins. Is this happening automatically during generation or exporting because I have chosen a certain device Should I remove the chosen device too. Or Should I remove also the pin assignments in my big project where I instantiate or import the created partition. Thanks again.


One last remark that maybe helps. As I said I tried it many times. Yesterday I did the following:

I deleted everything except:

  • symbol files
  • vhdl codes of components
  • bdf files
  • .qsf file
  • qpf file

Then I opened the project. I removed all assignments. I have chosen my device. I opened the .qsf file to be sure there is no pin assignments. And indeed there were no assignments.


After all this I followed the steps. The same happened. I will try today by removing the device too and see where I land.


Thanks any way for all help. Thanks for answering.



Can you provide a small test case and steps for me to reproduce the error?


Is there any updates?