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How to report a bug in the Quartus tool?

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I previously encountered a bug in the Quartus tool, as described here:


I have tried to find a way to report this through a support case to Intel, but I am running in circles on the Intel support page, and can't find a way to report this. Trying Quartus => Help => Feedback gives "Our apologies. The page you have requested could not be found. ... HTTP 404"


Can anybody advise me on how to report a bug in the Quartus tool ?


Thanks in advance.


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Is your design.qar file confidential? If not, can you attached over here? can put your crash report here?​

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Thanks for attending to this.


"Unfortunately" I am not longer able to recreate the problem in Quartus 18.1.0 Build 625 09/12/2018 SJ Lite Edition, so for some reason my Quartus installation handles the construction now. The problem was originally described in:

where Quartus made the error:

"Internal Error: Sub-system: BPM, File: /quartus/db/bpm/bpm_hard_block_util.cpp, Line: 3458 ... Quartus Prime Information ... Version: 18.1.0 Build: 625 Edition: Lite Edition"


Back when I initially looked into the problem I could recreate the error several times, and it only occurred when the special construction was enabled.


But I have attached the the project that originally caused the problem anyway, in the file "".


I consider this issue closed, unless I encounter the problem again.