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Mentor Verification AXI IP Simulation Error with ModelSim-AE


I'm using Quartus Prime Pro 21.2, and I'm running the example following the document provided by Intel.


Chapter 12


I'm following the process:

1. Open Qsys project

2. Generate HDL

3. Run the command line:

vsim -mvchome=$QUARTUS_ROOTDIR/../ip/altera/mentor_vip_ae/common -c -do


I got the following error:



It seems like that there is some issue with the provided testbench file How could I resolve this error?


Thank you.

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I'm not sure what the -c switch does in your command line.  You have to make sure to change the directory in ModelSim to point to the location of the simulation files.  The guide has you do this in the GUI (page 681).  Probably not the issue.

What does the code in the generated file say at those lines?

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