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When we rebuild (with no changes) a legacy design using v16.1 on a new PC we are getting an assembler message that the preloader needs to be rebuilt because of changes to the HPS configuration - can anyone help?


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We have not made any changes to the design but are just rebuilding, QP V16.1 is a new download on a new PC, but the identical version to the original build.


Design is a Cyclone V with a HPS core. A number of the files in the hps_isw_handoff\QsysProject_hps_0 folder are different in the new build - they have a later copyright date, e.g. 2016 Intel in new and 2012 Altera in original build.

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The software has changed quite a bit in 4 years. As you noticed, the handoff files are different as well. You'll need to rebuild the preloader (now usually referred to as the first stage bootloader).



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