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component could not be found



I had a problem after i reopen qsys tool. I had 7 custom component(user created ip's in vhdl)

which have exceeded the size of qsys (500mb). so i have increased the qsys size and creating my entire design in the newly opened qsys gui. Then i have generated the vhdl wrapper file and instantiated in my project (vhdl top file).

As I had to do few modifications in my design . I have reopened by qsys gui

I got the errors as follows

component<component_name>1.0 not found (or) could not be instantiated

I got this error for all the custom(user created vhdl ip's). How could i solve this problem

Can any one help me out to solve these errors.


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I'm presuming that you are using the Component Editor in Platform Designer to create these custom components.  Make sure that _hw.tcl files have been created for each one and that they are visible to the tool, typically in an ip directory in the same location as the .qsys file, but you may have moved them.

If you've moved the files, point Platform Designer to their location with Tools menu -> Options in Platform Designer.


Thank You sir for Your valuable information.I have solved the problem