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how to build the example project form *.tcl file?

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hi everyone: 

in my project, i have to add a Third party IP. 

i got a *.tcl file to build a example project. 

the IP's datasheet tell me to excute: 

quartus_sh -t ex1.quartus.tcl 

but in quartus tcl console, i tried " quartus_sh -t ex1.quartus.tcl" then error shows: 


Error:invalid command name "quartus_sh" 



can someone give me some help?
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quartus_sh is a command line executable, not a tcl command. It is run in the context of the linux / windows/cygwin shell environment. 


If you are at the tcl command line prompt in a tcl shell, then you can use the tcl 'source' command to read a file as a tcl script: 


tcl> source some_file_name.tcl