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tcl command to close system console to return to NIOS II command shell?

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I am using Quartus version 16.1. When I used the NIOS II command shell to open system console like this: system-console.exe--rc_script=start.tcl -cli 

it switched to system-console. After finishing the tcl script, I try to close the system console to return to NIOS II command shell using exit command (which used to work for lower version of NIOS II command shell), it always say: 

invalid command name "exit" while executing 



I tried many possible commands (close, exit, return, break...) but it didn't work. I can close the system console to return to the NIOS II command shell. Do you know what is going on with new NIOS II command shell versions? How to close (exit) it ? 


Thank you so much!
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Hmm. What's in that start.tcl script? If you just do "system-console &", does exit work?