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SCCM and CERTIFICATe Change problems


Hi there,

I have some strange problems.

This is the situation.

We have 3 type off hardware machines

AMT 3.2, 5.2 and 7.1 machines.

To get the 3.2 machines to work we had to have a cert from a old root verisign server to make it work.

But we started with a brand new verisign cert and this worked a first on the 7.1 machines.

Now with the new cert those provisened machines give the error not supported in SCCM.

I also have troubles connection to the console to the machnies i can power them on and off.

i check all firewall rules and settings en tested with out firewalls.

ITs a rights issue but what and with rights i am a domain admin.

Here some OOBconsole log entries.

[6][4/2/2012 1:45:33 PM] :System.Management.ManagementException\r\nInvalid parameter \r\n at System.Management.ManagementException.ThrowWithExtendedInfo(ManagementStatus errorCode)


at System.Management.ManagementPath.SetWbemPath(IWbemPath wbemPath, String path)


at System.Management.ManagementPath.CreateWbemPath(String path)


at System.Management.ManagementPath..ctor(String path)


at Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.ManagementProvider.WqlQueryEngine.WqlConnectionManager.GetInstance(String objectPath)\r\nManagementException details:

[5][4/2/2012 1:46:04 PM] :IMR_SOLOpenTCPSession2 with user = fail with result:0x19, description:Authentication Failed

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