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Hardware Recognition Problem in NiosII 11.1sp2 Subscription Edition

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I have Quartus 11.1 subscription edition on my PC. However, from past few days, NIOSII 11.1 is not functioning properly as it does not recognize the attached hardware. I am unable to program soft processor in the FPGA because it does not provide me this option. However, the same hardware is ready for program using NIOSII 13.0 free edition. In addition, it is also ready to be programmed using NIOSII 17.0 subscription edition. 

Quartus 11.1 and signaltap in this subscription edition are working properly. I have updated Quartus 11.1 to Quartus 11.1sp2. In addition, I have reinstalled Quartus 11.1. But, until now, I am unable to access soft Processor in FPGA using NIOSII11.1sp2 subscription edition. I have attached snapshots of my stated problem. Suggestions regarding this problem are requested.
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