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Hi All, Just wanted to know... Is there a way to convert *.POF file to Schematics file?


We are using MAX 7000S series CPLD in our product lines which were developed long long ago.


Since MAX7000 series is now obsolete, we plan move to other CPLD series.


we do not have source files. we have *.POF file only.

is there any way to convert *.POF file to Schematics file or equivalent Script?

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Hi Krishnanand,


It is not possible to convert .pof file to schematics file.

The POF file is used to program an external configuration (A FLASH/EEPROM device - not the actual FPGA)

Plus, it’s not advisable to use or change the .pof file for other devices.


Yes, MAX 7000 devices are mature devices and has already been obsolete. For new design, it has been migrated into MAX 10 or MAX V or MAX II.

Kindly refer link below for 'Intel® MAX® Series FPGAS and CPLDS'.

Thank you.


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Actually the .pof file IS used to program the EPL7000S series device. However, as stated there is no known way to convert the compiled binary .pof file back to some kind of source. You are SOL on that, I am afraid. Theoretically, given enough info (Altera proprietary) and time one could write a disassembler that reads a .pof file and produces a netlist of wire connections and cell configurations. However it requires Altera proprietary info that is not generally available. If you are a big enough/ important enough customer you could always ask. However the fact you are asking here means you are neither,

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