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MSGDMA tx descriptor send procedure: (for pc2Fpga transfer data )

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Hi experts, 


our Arria10 works as a 10GE NIC in x86 Linux PC.  we implement  "TSE + MSGDMA" to transmit ethernet packet from linux pc  to  FPGA,  MSGDMA will move packet from PC to FPGA, then then the TSE Module will generate ethernet packet out. 


But I have a question regarding of  “MSGDMA tx descriptor ” issue sequence and conditions :

(1)  firstly our linux driver will creates a "tx-descriptor " in msgdma_tx_buffer() ,  then fill in every elements of " msgdma_extended_desc{..}" (as following) . 

    csrwr32(lower_32_bits(buffer->dma_addr), priv->tx_dma_desc, msgdma_descroffs(read_addr_lo));
    csrwr32(upper_32_bits(buffer->dma_addr), priv->tx_dma_desc, msgdma_descroffs(read_addr_hi));
    csrwr32(0, priv->tx_dma_desc, msgdma_descroffs(write_addr_lo));
    csrwr32(0, priv->tx_dma_desc, msgdma_descroffs(write_addr_hi));

    csrwr32(buffer->len, priv->tx_dma_desc, msgdma_descroffs(len));
    csrwr32(0, priv->tx_dma_desc, msgdma_descroffs(burst_seq_num));
    csrwr32(MSGDMA_DESC_TX_STRIDE, priv->tx_dma_desc, msgdma_descroffs(stride));
    csrwr32(MSGDMA_DESC_CTL_TX_SINGLE, priv->tx_dma_desc, msgdma_descroffs(control));


   Once LAST "|GO" Bit is set into msgdma_desc(control),  MSGDMA start to transfer data.


【 My question 】:  after the first "tx-desc" is issued to FPGA , and MSGDMA now is working on it .  Now we have more tx packets coming in soon,  thus we need to revoke  msgdma_tx_buffer()  to start these new packet transferring, 

Do we need check any "BUSY" flag of this MSGDMA,  or any else in STATUS REGISTER BIT(s) , to decide whether it's safe for usto  send the second -> third -> fourth -fifth . ....  tx- desc  to FPGA ?  

Do we need wait for CSR  “STATUS REGISTER # BIT0 (BUSY flag) ” to be zero, then start the next "tx_desc", Or we dont need care that ?  


Thanks a lot    


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Hi , 

If you want to see the default settings with MSGDMA you can refer the below link

If you want to know more step by steps procedure for executing a Linux driver for MSGDMA , 

you can refer to the link as below.

Please share your observations after trying out the steps. 

Thanks and Regards


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