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Passive serial config causing trouble with dual mode pins?

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I have a Cyclone-10 LP which I am configuring with passive serial. Config works fine...chip goes to user mode, lights blink, code runs...except the Serial Flash Controller II core (version 17.1). All pins are stuck high and nothing works. If I program the same part via JTAG with the same image, the flash core works as expected. 


It appears that the dual mode pins are not changing mode and are hung in a high state. 


Anybody have a clue?
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Hi Bob, 


Are you using any specific Altera Cyclone 10 kit / board, or is it a custom board? Are you using a FLASH that is compatible with the SFC II controller? When you generate the SFC II controller using Qsys, it will ask you to choose the flash type with part number. Have you made selected the correct type here?
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Custom board.  


The flash isn't the issue. It programs the part fine using a JIC image from Quartus Programmer, and configures fine on power up. It also configures fine using JTAG, and enables the SFC following config. 


Following any PS config, the dual mode pins do not switch into their designated user mode role. I removed the SFC and replaced with a naked SPI interface. Same problem. All pins stuck high.