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import "DPI-C"

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I have created a qsys design and generated the testbench system for the design. I am trying to simulate it using NCSIM (Incisive 15.20.018). When generating the HDL code(also present in the testbench code) for the design(using Quartus, I have a file file which has the line import "DPI-C" . This file is a C/C++ file as per my research on net. But I wasn't able to locate the file. 

Now since I have generated my design using Quartus prime is this file generated by Quartus in any specific directory or should I generate it separately? 

If I have to generate this file, how do I define this for a particular design?  

When trying to simulate the design, I am getting the below error in ncsim and that is how I found out my issue. 


ncsim:*f,nolwsv: searching for import subroutine "axi_set_master_end_abstraction_level" in default library libdpi. unable to load the default library libdpi. osdlerror: ./ open shared object file: no such file or directory or file is not valid elfclass32 library... 










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