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v1495 Quartus II device library


Hello, I am trying to use the CAEN v1495 board in Quartus II 13.1 Web edition. I know that this board is not supported in version 13.1 so I need an earlier version of Quartus II. The Intel website does not allow downloads of this software for earlier versions than 13.1. Is there anywhere I can find ways to download earlier versions, like 10.1? Or is there any way to gain access to download earlier versions from Intel. 


Thank you 

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If you want to use the specific software version that has been discontinued, I can help to request this for you but need confirmation that a valid NDA exists between the Intel and your company. Else, you may need to contact your local Intel Sales representative or distributors to get help on this.

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Best I can glean from a bit of googling is that the CAEN v1495 board series uses a Cyclone I EP1C20 series part.


Quartus 13.0sp1 SUBSCRIPTION EDITION (paid) supports the Cyclone I series:


Unfortunately the Quartus 13.0sp1 Web (free) edition does not. It only supports Cyclone II and later.

I have no idea if the Cyclone .qdz device files from the Subscription (paid) version will work with the Web (free) version of 13.0sp1


I routinely use 13.0sp1 Web edition for MAX7K and MAX3K, and Cyclone II board support. But I have no Cyclone I devices.

Maybe someone else knows if the .qdz file is usable. Or if you have to buy a license and use the paid version.

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@hazeltet845 I have sent you an email. Please help to provide the information needed to request for discontinued software.



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