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R1000SPO (R1308SPOSHORR) cold swap internal SSD power cable

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Hi all

I did have a similar question about this about 6 months ago, however i now have images and i believe part numbers.... the below image is one of the boxes in the above R1000SPO server barebones, in it are 2 small blue brackets that hold cold swap SSD in place (above the 4 hot swap 3.5inch bays). Also a power cable for these SSD drives.

2 images below:

RED = SSD cold swap SSD brackets (we believe part number : H95537-001)

ORANGE = SSD power cable (we believe part number : SSD PWR(PSU/SSD) H85969-002 AST1639)


- I assume the PSU cable plugs in to the backplane (somewhere)

- How do we order these parts? (we need 4 of each (8 x brackets (there packs of 2) and 4 x power cables)

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The back plane is a 4 pin connector, the connector from the PSU is 6 pin, the back plane only needs 12V (yellow and black) (documented in Intels PDF for that server chassis, see below, however can no longer be found on Intels servers!), the 2 extra pins are red (5v) and orange (3.3v) both needed for the SATA SSD drives.

So the above listed cable is a pass through cable, connects to the PSU power and passes to the back plane, if its not used the back plane will take the pin connector and only mate with 4 pins (from diagrams i have looked at).

Back plane power reference (document now cant be found but was on the below location)

Page 42

This proves the chassis R1304SPOSHORR uas 4 x hotswap and 2 x cold swap drives:

Page 7

Would this cable and plastic clips be part of the Intel FR1304E3V5ESK Electrical Spares Kit FR1304E3V5ESK Product Specifications

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