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7260AC Not Working Properly


Like many other people on this site i have issues with my AC/Bluetooth device.

I love it and its connectivity with Bluetooth devices; however, its connection to my router is atrocious. (ie. have 90+mbps on all other wifi devices and at best 40mbps on the 7260AC device- also gruesome spikes of inactivity)

Please don't insult me with a list of "have you tried this"- its hardware and I want the issue resolved.

My only question is how/where do i get in touch with someone from Intel to send me a new version, replacement, anything to resolve this issues?

Thanks, (sorry if I'm snippy, i pay for 150mbps speed interwebz and I would like to have them )

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Hello brewdub17,

We are sorry to know about the connectivity issues you are facing.

If you prefer to engage our support center, you can go to the following website: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/contact-support.html Contact Support

Once you select the product and your region, you will see the contact methods available. One of our support agents will be able to assist you personally.

Feel to let us know if you would like us to help here in the communities, so we can get additional details of the issue.



Jonathan B.
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