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Get a PAL or NTSC video in and mirror it to the VGA output

Honored Contributor II

Hello everyone! I have to deal with a project that means in recognising numbers in a NTSC or PAL format video coming from a simple ccd camera (through the on board peripheral on the DE2 board). 


The problem is that while running the examples provided by university program (Example_4_Video_In or Extra_Edge_Detection), the resulting VGA video output shows a non stable image. The image is stable just for short intervals, it seems like there is noise in the output stream.  


As our board is a simple DE2 we have tried examples taken right from DE2 folder of university program. 


It seems like there is a problem with the video input chain: video_in_decoder--> chroma_resampler --> color_space_converter--> video_RGB_resampler -->clipper --> scaler --> DMA_video_controller -->... 


I have tried these examples with a NTSC input format without changing anything in Qsys, and also with a PAL input format configuring just needed things for a PAL input. 


I strongly wish someone will help me. I am looking forward to receiveng some answer. Thank you
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Hy i am having the same problem .. 

did you solved it ??