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DE0-Nano-SoC ADC

So currently I am going through the tutorial "Using the DE-Series ADC Controller".  


I designed and generated my hardware system using Quartus prime and it's Qsys tool as guided in the tutorial. 


But when I try to load my system as custom system on DE0-Nano-SoC using Intel-FPGA-Monitor-Porgram, I receive the following error: 


Using cable "DE-SoC [USB-1]", device 2, instance 0x00 Resetting and pausing target processor: FAILED Leaving target processor paused 



I saw online couple of other people facing the same problem. 


But the solution presented by them are already taken care off by me while designing the system. 


Can anyone please help me of any kind in this regard?
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Any updates on this? Having the same problem

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